After sinking $36K in credit card debt, and struggling to pay the bills,
Mark Hoverson accidently "cracked the code" for Global Resorts, generating $191,890 in 30 days (***See Income Disclaimer Below). In this exclusive video, you will capture a rare & candid explanation of how to make money online. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY ONLINE BUSINESS UNTIL YOU WATCH THIS.


Yes Mark! I want to submit my zero-cost application
to become one of your potential students
. I realize my
application may not be accepted, but I want more info anyway.

How would you like to see your email inbox stuffed full with daily
notifications that you just earned another $1000 from Global?
Here's a quick glance inside Mark Hoverson's inbox:


WARNING: I used to suffer the typical "quiet life of desperation",
barely ever going on a date with my wife, barely ever taking a vacation.
But then, after I discovered the online secrets with Global, I was able to
stay at a world-class resort in Mexico. The best part? I was able to bring my
4-year old son strickly for a Father/Son trip. Here is our adventure:


And the trips are not with just family.
Now, our Global Resorts team flys around the country to
"bond" and train other hungry entrepreneurs. Here are two
videos. One from San Francisco, the other from Denver.
ONLY my personal students are allowed at these private events:



Your Due-Diligence
How to Become 100% informed about Global
Resorts BEFORE You make a decision.

#1- To get a clear picture of the "ins and outs" of the product and the payplan, plus see exactly what your website will look like: CLICK HERE.

#2- Begin thinking of your dream vacation. Click HERE and enter "resorts" and "lookfor"

#3- Call Mark Hoverson directly for a brief mastermind session and introduction: 443-803-4173 (I answer my own phone and give personal coaching to YOU).

#5- Become an Affiliate Here, and get started with your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover by calling my full-time executive assistant, Theresa Moss at 215-933-9286. She will also immediately rush you your 'FastStart to Success' Training.

Detailed FAQ Below:

#1- Have you personally used the membership?

Yes, I went to Hawaii. I stayed at Banyon Harbor Resort in Kauai for $298 for the week (retail = $1150). Below is a video of my experience and condo.


#2- Can I see a more detailed explanation of the membership?

Yes, for a comprehensive 21-minute backoffice tour of our membership,click HERE.

#3- How much total money should I have for marketing/advertising?

I recommend at least $500-$2000 to begin your marketing within your first month. It's not the amount that matters most, it's the wisdom you gain as a marketer.

#4- Do you actually teach your team specific strategies on how to tap into the free avenues you mentioned above?

About once a week, I host a live marketing webinar, where I reveal EXACTLY what I have done to rank at the top of the internet in Google, YouTube, and much else. Debbie Turner, who made 2 sales in her first 7 days, stated, 'On a scale of 1-10, your YouTube training is a 15.' By the way, Debbie now has a couple videos on the first two pages of YouTube! You can see how she's branding herself by visiting her website HERE.

#5- How do you respond to your hate mail? you go...



#6- If I really like the Global Leadership Max System, how much should I invest in that system?

If you really want to do the Global Leadership Max System, Adam Holland is my teammate who can show you best. Brian has had many sales using a unique branding technique around the Funnel. Check out Adam's site here.

#7- Am I able to transfer to your team if I already joined with someone else in Global Resorts?

Unfortunately, every week I get at least five emails from people who joined with other teams in Global, only to find themselves with little true support. Here's what Scott Phares states, 'I joined Global with a popular team, but I found very little concrete marketing ideas, so I asked Mark if I could transfer to his team. He agreed. My business immediately turned around. I just made 6 Platinum sales in 7 days...and now, people are actually transferring onto my team. Leadership makes a huge difference in this industry.' To transfer, you must get your upline and his upline's permission, plus Global's permission, plus mine. Most upline's are good, I only recommend it as a last resort to save your business.

#8- Do you have people in place who can assist me with my computer skills? I'm not very good on the computer?

Almost no one starts off good on a computer. One of our teammates who is a master on the computer is Dan Razumoff. Dan is a savvy-internet marketer & and gives expert training to students who are accepted into my program. To get a closer look at Dan, see his site here.

#9- So, what does it really look like if I get accepted and start with you today? The full answer is one click away: STEP BY STEP.

#10- What happens to people who are not accepted to coach directly with you? Well, I usually recommend other teammates that I am training who have proven themselves to be competent, honest marketers.


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***Income Disclaimer: These results are not typical. They represent 62 Platinum Sales at $3095 each over a 30 day period, resulting in $191,890 of revenue, which created approximately $62,000 of individual income for Mr. Hoverson. No promise of similar results are given or implied on this website. No purchase is neccessary.

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